Popular subfloor question raised again...

the-tech-guyMarch 12, 2013

I am looking into doing my basement floor with DRIcore or Barricade. DRIcore says in the AGT - Air gap technology on their panels where moisture and air can be breath, they have a 1/4 inch gap at the bottom to prevent it. Barricade has styrofoam and they say it traps the moisture on the concrete. Any suggestions on which one is better?

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The 1/2" of extruded polystyrene (XPS) on the bottom of the Barricade panels is vapour semi-permeable, allowing vapour to move through slowly. As well, the channels provide a drainage route and reservoir for excess bulk water. The nominal 1/2" of XPS on the Barricade provides minimal insulation value.

Dri-Core (and similar products) use an impermeable plastic bubble material on the bottom which provides a way for excess water to drain away.

Though I have finished many basements, I haven't used either modular system. I prefer the Building Science Corp. (BSC) recommendation of XPS panels topped by plywood.

My concern relates to the OSB on top of both systems.
Compared to plywood, OSB retains moisture longer and is hence more likely to support mould growth. Furthermore, the greater number of joints in the surface of both systems, vs. using 2'x4' or 4'x8' layers of XPS, seems to provide more possibilities of moisture reaching the OSB than the plywood in the BSC approach.

In any case, neither system nor the Building Science Corp approach are cures for problem basements with active bulk water leakage.

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