what material to use for exterior basement door frame

jollyrdMarch 11, 2013

We have a full size basement with exterior access. The steps going down from the ground level are concrete, the walls are concrete block. The entire length of staircase is covered by a roof extension. There is a drainage hole at the bottom of steps. We had no water leak through the door at all. There are no signs of termites anywhere.

It looks like some wood-eating bug got to eating the bottom of the door frame - the "holes" look like some big bug burrowed through it. I first thought it was rotten by possible water exposure, but when I cut off the bottom piece and examined it -- it looks more like a wood bug damage. It only affected the facing part of the frame - the one that looks like molding. The actual door frame (where the door attaches and where the door lock is) is not damaged at all. And it only did the damage to one side, not the other, - this is the one and only damaged spot in the enture frame.

What materials should we use for a replacement of that facing part of door frame? Composite? Cedar? I would have to be able to paint it white to match the rest of the door frame.


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A piece of wood trim.

I'd be betting on woodrats.

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You're talking about the trim (moulding). They sell cellular PVC moulding. Takes paint wonderfully and won't rot.

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