Tea Pots and More (Pics)

okie-girlgardenerMarch 21, 2011

I came across an estate sale that was selling things by the box. After cominng home and unpacking everything this is what I ended up with. I need help identifying what I have... PLEASE HELP!

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Fori is not pleased

I think I see Elvis!

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Yes, you see Elvis! His legs swing back and forth too, HA!

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Wow!! Good junk! I see 4 or more Brown Betty tea pots....ands everal others. Perhaps tha one with the birds is made in Japan?
I see a stack of lovely green transfer ware...perhaps WH Grindley? maybe Johnson Brothers?...made in England or the US?
I see a Frankoma pitcher and cup...
A glass basket....... I am still pining after a cake plate in that pattern I didn't buy for $45....ti was a steal!..Fenton...Wave edge? Something like that?
I see a white ironstone soup tureen with lion handles and a white ironstone pitcher...I see a with with gold trim coffee server....would like to see the back stamp on...I see a couple of tea pots with gold trim I would be interested in seeing the mark on.
I see an old '50's pyrex casserole and a copper tea kettle. do I see some ceramic fruit?
I see the beginnings of either a tea pot collection or a great garage sale!
And....I see Elvis!!
Linda C

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Linda C, you're a life saver! Now there are actual results when I try to google something!
You do see ceramic fruit... One of my faves!
The teapots all came in one box. I didn't even know what was in there until I took everything home and unpacked it. Most say England or Japan on the bottom.

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Make that basket Fenton silver crest......senior moment!
I am sure there is more that I could put a better name to if I could see it closer and see the bottom.

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I have no idea what anything is but what a FUN way to have a house sale! I love the idea of coming home with a box of treasures to sort through.

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I'm guessing she got to fill her own boxes!

Man, if I showed up at home with all that DH would be "me, or those boxes!" Hmm, tough choice...

I'm guessing next you'll be in the market for some plate hangers...

Congrats on great finds.


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And....she has a trunk to store it all in!!
Great trunk...been treated to some loving hands decorating....which has pretty well destroyed any antique value it might have had....so you are now free to add your own embellishments without worry about ruining the value of an antique.
I have one very similar which was my MIL's mother's trunk when she came to the US from Sweden in maybe 1885?....at least that's the story.
Good for storing Christmas decorations!

Do I see a Westmoreland milk glass banana boat? and 2 very nice aqua molded stoneware kitchen mixing bowls?

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Okie girl - when you have a chance, it would be great to see some of the bottom markings on these things, in particular the green china, the aqua bowls and that red bowl near the back, the teapot with the poppies and the little dish with the feet beside the black teapot....
quite the incredible score there, I am very jealous!!
Suzan J

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karinl - I didn't get to fill my boxes. It was more of a take what you want. The rest is going to Goodwill kind of thing. So I grabbed all of the boxes that looked like they had stuff in them with value. Long story short, I got to go through the stuff of the family I work for. Mostly great aunt's stuff. They need the space for something else now instead of storage. If I had actually paid for anything my husband probably would have said me or the junk! HA! He's always down to make an extra buck or two though.

I'm only going to keep a couple of things and the rest is going to go to my grandma's booth she has in an antique store.

Linda - So the trunk is no good? Is the metal work and strap work not original? I know nothing about trunks. My husband did figure out that it was from the 1890's though.

Okay so here's everything that had a stamp on the bottom of it. It really surprised me when I got home to discover that the name on the bottom was the same as the Ironstone stuff... Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

The picture of the item is on top, followed by a picture of the stamp on the bottom.

Nothing on the bottom of this one

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What fun to make tea and rotate the pots used.

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The only surprises in the parkings was that3 of those "brown Bettys" were made in Japan....the real treasure is that WW II commemorative Tea Pot. I haven't done a search but think you can almost name your price to a Tea pot collector.
So the banana boat isn't Westmoreland ( it was usually marked) maybe Fenton with a paper label?
I love that white stoneware pitcher!

Now on to the stuff you didn't show...like that silver looking thing under the little white stoneware dish and the copper kettle.
Start a new thread as this one is getting slow to load.
Linda C

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The aqua bowls are Homer Laughlin Orange Tree Bowls.

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