Electrical switch box replacement job

fcb1899July 22, 2008

Hello to all,

I live in a Brooklyn, NY co-op. I recently had a problem with one of our electrical switches in our apartment(the one for the fridge) It basically had a short (2nd one in like 6 months). Upon inspection of the electrical switch box the electrician sugested that the box should be changed because it was in bad shape. He said he will advice it to the management company. The management company then calls me back a couple of days later telling me that I HAVE to replace the electrical switch box because it could be a fire hazard. Which I am in total agreement. But that I will have to pay for it as they are not responsible. I was under the impression that anything INSIDE the wall (wiring, piping, etc.) is property of the co-op and therefore THEY are responsible for repairs. Why is it they paid for replacing the switches but expect me to pay for the box? I mean the cables they are replacing, along with the box are INSIDE the wall.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

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You should have a copy of the by-laws for your co-op, so take a good look at them - they're not all standard, and each place has its own set of rules. Plus they may be different from what condos go by.

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