Know of a modern design bed with storage draws?

dogitniceJuly 31, 2008


I am looking without success for a contemporary designed bed with under bed storage. I have a bad back and do not want to get the kind that lifts up. Living in a small NYC apartment, I really need the storage space.

Any suggestions?

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Have you tried Ikea?

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queen size--too large for you?

And there are separate drawers

Here's a double bed

This is queen size, but LOTS of drawers

for twin beds, there's the captain's bed--LOTS of people make them

And since you're here in NYC, there is always Gothic cabinet Craft.
I like this one, because it has storage in the headboard as well (it comes in every size). And since it's Gothic, they can probably turn the doors in the base into drawers--I'd hate to have to get down on the floor to get something out from behind the doors.

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