Apartment Security Deposit Question

jdg409July 31, 2006

Hello everyone,

I have lived in an apartment for 2 years. My carpet is in overall great condition with the exception of two stains in my carpet. They are minor and overall condition is excellent. Can the apartment company legally require me to replace the carpet for two stains? Also, can they ruin my credit if I don't pay the extra amount they are asking?

Thank you


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Look up your state's laws about residential rentals. Most states DO NOT allow a landlord to deduct for "normal wear and tear", nor do they allow a landlord to require a tenant to pay the full cost of replacing a used carpet.

How old was the carpet when you moved in?

TAKE PICTURES before you move out. What is "minor" to you will sounds horrendous by the time the landlord gets to court.

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Lazy is right on the carpet and most states laws.

And yes they can mess up your credit. Even if the law says normal wear and tear. Then its a lot of work to get your credit to normal. Very unfair.

I turned in two tenants today for unpaid rent and damage. I could have put down $10,000. Credit company dings them and tries to collect whatever I say they owe. Only if the tenant fights do I have to come up with reciepts.

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