I really wish my upstairs neighbors ill

JJWildJuly 6, 2011

They are a white trash couple. The act nice on the surface. One time I went upstairs asking them nicely to tread nicely.

When they asked me to elaborate, I informed them nicely that I can hear them if they stomp or run up there.

They acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. The rolled their eyes and acted like they never do that.

Gosh, how I wish them ill. I keep hoping that both of them as well as their offspring and their offspring would come down serious ailments that would hamper their movements. That would be really funny to see.

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It must suck being you. I hate crappy neighbors, they should be shot.

You call them "white trash"? Is there any other kind of trash?

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Well, wishing that won't get you any quiet.

Have you even tried taking this up with the landlord? That would be my next step, after asking the neighbors nicely to stop stomping.

You've got a choice--continue to do nothing but harbor ill thoughts towards these people, or take some steps to get some quiet. It's up to you.

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I live in a condo that I own. Not really sure what I can do or if anyone can help. But it does help to vent.

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So since you complained here on July 6th do you hear their walking noise as much? If not, they are trying, and are allowed to walk in the condo they own.

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I still hear them stomping and running. It's not the walking I am complaining about.

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Is there a condo board that you can take this issue to?

There are things they can do, like put down carpets or not wear shoes in the house. If you were comfortable talking to them, I'd say that you could suggest this sort of thing to them.

If not, find out what the condo association can do for you. Investigate white noise machines. Insulate the ceiling of your condo. Explore other soundproofing methods.

Or just sit back and complain.

It's your choice.

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I have not gone to the condo board. However, if you had read my original post, you would've seen that I have tried to talk to the neighbors. When they are denying having made any noise why would they be open to putting donw extra padding (they already have carpeting) or not wearing shoes?

Actually these people where high heels on tile floors as well. They are just plain incosiderate.

Again, I really don't expect any help. It does help to vent though.

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Wow. Why would you EVER wish something like that on someone. It is not their fault for running or walking, it happens. If they don't do it all the time why stress about it? I'm sure you have rushed somewhere in your apartment. Bottom tenants don't have to worry about their footsteps and noise, but top tenants do, and that's not fair. Everyone should be able to walk normally without worry some of these complaints are just plain silly.

Most of you guys seem miserable, I pray for peace to calm your thoughts and worries. Think of it as blessing to have the opportunity to live close to other families, instead of treating it as a curse. We're all just people after all, try to be happy and enjoy life.

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