epoxy flooring for basement??experiences

elenalMarch 18, 2006

Hi: Having just abandoned trying to paint my concrete basement floor (long story, not interesting), I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with epoxy flooring in the basement (the kind that consists of various colored fine sand-like granules). This is a below-grade basement with an old, rough, concrete floor that in many places has the residue from the adhesive from the old linoleum that used to cover the basement floor. I'm looking to have the basement floor look clean and fresh, be easy to mop in the future, and do all of this on a budget--that's it. It is a utility basement, not a family room of any sort. Thanks for sharing any insight into this product.

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I used the epoxy in my garage. Ilove it! It's clean and durable. However, I wouldn't paint a basement floor if there is a chance of putting tile down in the future. If not, paint and enjoy!

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We used the Rustoleum "EpoxyShield" product on our basement floor and it worked out great. Cost $40 per 250 sq feet from HD or Lowes (can't remember which).

We first power washed the floor to get it nice and clean. After it dried, I mixed the two containers and painted the floor. It was pretty simple.

It really made the space look a lot nicer. It's still a utility basement, but finishing the floor "took the edge off". Everything just wipes off as opposed to seeping into the floor.

- Tony

Here is a link that might be useful: Rustoleum EpoxyShield

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Thanks so much djm and Tony for sharing your experiences with the epoxy flooring. I'm really glad as it sounds like we've got the right product in mind, finally, for this project. I appreciate the input, and apologize for the delay in responding--my computer was in the "hospital" all of last week!

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I have used in my garage and it does hold up well. I am think about using it in my storage room in my basement.

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For those who have used the Rustoleum paint on their garage floors - how did you find the process of cleaning up any oil or paint spots? Was it hard to get the oil up and did the paint adhere? Thanks

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Do you need any special ventilation when you put down the epoxy flooring and does it work on old, friable concrete? Can you give me some advise on how long it takes to cure? Is it possible for someone to do that has very, very little experience in flooring? Thanks in advance.

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I really would like to help you, so the best way is to send me some pictures of your basement floor,
how I can give you some useful advice.

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I have used the Rustoleum Basement paint several times and I am really impressed with its look. I used it in an old basement with the pit marks and rust stains and all and it looks like a million bucks now. I sprinkled the flakes in it and those go a long way to take your eye off the irregularities of the floor. I just powerwashed the floor and a few days later I painted it. It has been holding up very well on my first job (about 5 years ago) so I am hoping it works just as well on the floor in my current house. It is very easy to use, very low fumes (they only lasted a few hours), quick dry time, (4 hours for light traffic, 12 hours for a full cure). Just mix them together, go watch your favorite sitcom, (need to let the mix sit for 30 minutes) come back and paint away.


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Need Answers:
I'm looking to complete my basement as a family/kids playroom/TV room. it is half finished now, though much of the ceiling has been torn down for wires and pipes etc, The walls are old paneling on wood studs. I'm thinking of pulling it all out and epoxy walls and floors, spray the ceiling (floor joist, pipes, wires) Black. The wall seems pose some issue as they are not smooth. Anyone try this before? Anythoughts?

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My son recently used the Rustoleum basement epoxy coating in his basment, did a great job. He had several basement epoxy kits left over. I would like to use them for my garage. Does anyone have any experience with using this product in a garage? My concern is if it will hold up to the hot tires! Is there some additive that I could use to upgrade this product to the same level as the Garage coating? Anythoughts?

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If you would like to look further into the epoxy route I suggest checking into this website. It breaks down cost and claims that you can save up to 800 dollars by doing it yourself. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Epoxy - do it yourself

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