Basement is done

farleypupMarch 8, 2007

We just finished this post does not want to go thru...

BM barely beige is the paint color

Here is a link that might be useful: basement

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It posted twice oops

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Hey, Good job and thanks for the pics. Did you tape the sheetrock yourself? Frame yourself? Whats with the blue tape on the trim?

I too have a sheltie, did they like the room? I also wondered, how dusty does it get when working on doing a basement? I consider doing mine, and think if I will sheetrock or have someone do it, and from what I read it's worth paying a pro to do it, plus they have the toold/vacuums to collect the dust as they work.

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Yes! Farley my sheltie has picked his spot on the sofa.

The blue tape is taped to the spacers to goinbetween the pergo and trim and floor..The spacers are for installing pergo... I taped them because they would fall over and come apart...

We hired a company to do the sheetrock and drywall..(we chose to because drywall is an art...and better if someone does it daily...I would say pro is the way to go. We did the plumbing electrical ourselves painting decorating etc.

Its very dusty we have a large shop vac down there. THye brought their own stuff.. but i kept it down their from the dust from cutting the pergo.

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