How to Create a Loft/Industrial Look for Basement on a Budget

baseballmom94March 7, 2007

We would like to create an industrial style look in our unfinished basement. We want a game room where the kids can have fun without worry about denting drywall, etc. We already have a tv/pool room on the main level of the house so this would strictly be a teen room for ping-pong/foosball, video games etc.

1) We want to paint the exposed ceiling joists/wires etc. but we're not sure whether to use black or white paint. The ceiling is only about 8 feet and a little lower in one corner. The black would make the ceiling disappear but would it make the space to dark?

2) We want to paint the poured concrete walls but currently there is insulation on them. Should we remove the insulation and seal and paint the concrete or is it a mistake to remove the insulation?

3) What color walls would look best -- we want something fun but not too crazy!

4) Any ideas are welcome!!


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I would paint the ceiling exposed stuff steel gray, or silver. Then I would also paint the walls a grayish blue color or maybe even red for a classy pop. I think it would look great.
My basement has ceiling tiles, but they are treea cotta ornage and the walls are green. Its a unique combination.

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My basement is insulated and carpeted and I still run a heater down there to keep it comfortable. Are you sure you don't want insulation and drywall. I don't recall any of us kids denting drywall when we were young. I lived in a couple of lofts and they both had carpet and drywall.

Otherwise, I like the black ceiling idea.

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Try everything in a high gloss finish. Maybe all white - I've never met a basement that was too bright - and then accent everything else with grey, chrome or primary colors!

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