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garlicjimMarch 7, 2012

Isn't this fun?!?!?

Funny looking little man about 2.5 inches tall. Looks to be

"pewter" but not sure. Got with some collectibles.

His Attire looks like civil-war era dress.


This is a beautiful pot with 11 images across the top. It has only a signature which I can't read.

Hopefully, someone can give me some idea about this as far as it's age, origin, and value. New Mexico, where we live, has a lot of pottery makers from way, way back as well as more recent artists.


If these links aren't clickable, you can cut and paste each one removing the .

Many thanks,


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The figure looks like John Barleycorn to me...perhaps a cork was fastened to the bottom at one time.
The pot isn't American Indian....I think it was made by someone in a pottery class who's name was Kris.
Linda c

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Ive seen the man before...not sure where.

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Thanks guys.

Linda, I have a nice piece of pottery that you might think was made in a pottery class because Lorenzo had her name scratched on the bottom of it . Actually, it isn't Pueblo, but that's what I called the image. Or, all kidding aside, do you have some knowledge of pottery? I don'tm except what I can dig up on the internet. That's why I asked here .



Stuck in the deserts of Deming, NM 'cause the whole south of the state is 'closed' because of dust storms. Reminds me of the movies about Oklahoma years ago!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh yeah......!
I know just enough about Indian pots to be dangerous.
Nice pot....not Santa Clara, not Acoma...likely not Jimez, nor San Iledefonso...maybe Zuni?
Where did you get it and how big is it?

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The pot Mata Ortiz

It's 11" tall and 10" in diameter.

It's from an estate sale.

I listed it on eBay.

Some of the roads are open, but I-10 is still closed from Tx to AZ. It'll open soon, tho. Wind has stopped.



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lindac's Mexican!
But a well regarded potter.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Mata Ortiz

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