Noise Problem from Neighbors

turkishdlightJuly 3, 2009

I live on the third floor of an apartment building in VA. I've only been living there since May 10, 2009. Since the day I moved in, there is a very loud family above me. The mother and her son never leave the house. The child is always running around and stomping up and down. I'm a student and I need to study. I take online classes as well and I need to be able to hear my professors. I'm only able to study when the child goes to sleep which is usually around 10 then I study until 3 AM or so and wake up at 6 AM when they usually wake up. I sleep with earplugs in my ear and I can even hear them through my earplugs!

They are heavy set people as well but it's like they don't care that they are stomping up and down and they don't mind their kid disturbing other people. It's ridiculous. I've spoken with management at least every week since I've been a resident. They said that the floors were squeaking on their end and if they fix it that should reduce the sound. Well, it didn't. The squeaking went away for a little bit but now... it's back. Management isn't doing anything. They keep telling me that they are long time residents and they wouldn't be willing to move. I'm not asking them to move. All I want is peace! The kid is constantly running, his mother never takes him outside! What do I do?!

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Have you tried talking to the family? Asking them to step more softly or take off their shoes in the apartment? (It's not their weight that makes the noise, it's the force with which they put their feet down--otherwise the child would be silent when he walks). Or asking them to keep the child from running in the room that is directly over the room where you study? Or getting a white noise machine to help block out the sounds?

Have you asked the management if you could move to another unit, preferably one on the top floor?

Have you checked your lease to see what the penalty for breaking the lease is, if you want to move?

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I had this same problem, Turkishdlight. I had ignorant, noisy & rude upstairs neighbors who never left their apartment, never took the kids outside. Instead, the kids would sit up there 24/7, pounding & banging on the walls & my ceiling, screaming, jumping up & down, stomping, etc. I tried everything I could think of to get them to shut up but nothing worked. I called the landlord, tried talking to the tenants themselves, called the police. The noise went on & on without a moment's peace, so I got the hell out of there. I put up with it for almost a freaking YEAR, a whole year gone from my life which I can never get back, ruined by clueless a******* who only care about themselves. I moved over a month ago to a much quieter place. I'm on the top floor & have no neighbors. It's sheer heaven! You may have to move yourself if you ever want to have peace & quiet again.

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This was 30 years ago but these jerks above me made all of this noise at night starting at 4 in the afternoon. They would sleep all day as they never worked. I never knew how they were able to afford this place as it was $780 a month 30 years ago. This was a high class place. My revenge was that I would play Disco music as loud as I could during the day so they were unable to sleep while I was at work. I would then wait until 6 am and start playing Bach on the organ and this organ will shake the teeth out of your head! LOL They called the police and the 1 cop was a music major when in college so he asked me to play for him at the volume level which I would normally play it. He then told me that Bach should never be played any other way so the 2 cops went upstairs and talked to them. I never hear another peep from them. I did inform the other people in my building as to my plan and told them not to call and complain the the management. They all hated the kids so they went along with me. They moved out 2 months later! LOL Pay back is sweet!

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