Water purifier for Waterstone prep faucet

Ott2January 30, 2013

I would like to put a water filter on my Waterstone prep faucet. The prep faucet will be used primarily for drinking water and only occasionally for prepping.
Any suggestions on what kind of water filter/purifier? Or recommendations on any specific models?
Thanks - Ott2

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I use this GE from HD at my cleanup sink and am very happy. I like that it was inexpensive, is unobtrusive under the sink, filters are easy to change, filters are readily available, and that the water tastes great. The associate at HD said the filter would last about six months, but mine has been going strong for 14 months. I'm very surprised, but figure that the cleanup sink cold water line doesn't get used as much as the hot at that sink or as much as the prep sink hot and cold lines do so that's extending the filter life.

You may need more filtration than this, depending on your water quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simple GE filter

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Ottw - It depends on what you wish to remove from your water. If taste is the only issue, then a GAC filter is fine.

breezygirl - Filters should be changed every 6 months, not because they necessarily are incapable of removing objectionable material from your water any more, but because 1) Leaving them too long can result in bacterial growth and 2) As the filters are used, the filter media becomes compacted over time. This results in less effective filtration and can actually cause the filter media to release contaminants back into the water. If you are waiting for your water to look or taste bad, you will be well beyond the point where the filter is doing any good and potentially to the point where it is doing harm. The light on your filter housing is a simple timer - it should flash after 180 days. If you have not seen it flashing, either the timer has malfunctioned or someone else in your household has pushed the button to reset the timer.

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Breezygirl - Thanks for the link. There are several Home Depots near me, so obtaining new filters would be easy.

Aliceinwonderland - I had thought I would put in a reverse osmosis filter. A rep at a kitchen showroom where I was looking at faucets told me that reverse osmosis can damage my Waterstone faucets. I don't know if that is true about all faucets, or if it is unique to some faucets, but I definitely do not want to cause damage. There is not really anything wrong with the taste of our water now. We are just moving a couple of miles, so the water will likely be the same. My wish would be to get the (reasonably) cleanest water possible without damaging my lovely faucets. The prep sink will be in a 24" cabinet that will house a disposal and a water filter. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you breezygirl and aliceinwonderland!

Anybody else have a water filter that you would recommend?

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Waterstone are actually one of the few brands I would recommend for RO water because they are low-lead construction. I have two that I have been using with RO water (one with an instant-hot as well) for five years. What you do not want with RO water is cheap, poorly-constructed faucets.

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I have an RO system that feeds the following: SZ refrigerator, Brizo prep sink pot filler, Brizo main sink aux. faucet, Charlie's Greenhouse plant water wand, HydroFogger humidifier, Waterstone solid brass aux. faucet at bar sink. Some of these are plastic or stainless steel and not at risk in any case.

I am not in fear that any of the others will be damaged because I have tested my water and, post filtration, it is still slightly alkaline. I believe that this is probably due to Government requirements on public water systems that they be made significantly alkaline to avoid lead leaching. Because RO systems, even with the best membranes, are only about 98% efficient, some alkalinity is still present.

What would I have done if it had tested acidic, as it might have if my water supply came from a well, and I were using dubious brass faucets? I would have added a post filter cannister specifically designed to buffer the water to be slightly alkaline. Although I can't find an example at the moment at SpectraPure, I know that they are out there somewhere as I looked them up while waiting for my PH tester to arrive a couple of years ago.

Whether even acidic RO water would have any effect on your specific Waterstone faucet is something you should ask Waterstone.


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The only reason a faucet would be ruined is because of the lower quality RO systems. I have a reverse osmosis system that also includes a DI canister to make my water alkaline. Therefore, no need to worry about ruining your taps. They also have a system that doesn't have this, and the water is a little acidic. The one I have is the Maximus II Home Reverse Osmosis System and was one of the best I could find on the market, especially for the price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aquasafe Systems

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