Slum landlord? Rate them on this new website!

dreamgardenJuly 15, 2007

This was in today's newspaper.

A link that might be useful (for disgruntled renters).

"This is the website that allows renters to finally fight back. Here you can view potential landlords/rental agencies or let the world know about the positives or negatives of your renting experience.

We have also recently added a section where the service at vacation houses and condominiums can be rated and viewed in an effort to improve the vacation experience for all.

You can begin adding, viewing, and rating landlords, rental agencies, and vacation housing by clicking on the landlords link on the menu. Also, if you didn't get to say enough, check out our new forums for a chance to tell stories, hang out, and maybe sell some furniture."

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Thanks for the link but I check out the listings for my county and there was just one, and IT WAS SPAM. An A+++ rating for a guy who *just happens* to be selling those "rent to own" places. Then I check my neighboring county since I am close, and there was only one listing and it was the SAME spam posted again. I didn't go any further.

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I got some info from my area, I was pleasantly surprised!


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