Complicated Situation

tashlz4everJuly 14, 2013

Me and boyfriend have been looking for an apartment for a long time. I have no credit , he has good credit. I have tried to get credit many ways and am so discouraged. But this should help . Thing is we got this apartment because our friends are moving . Our friend and my boyfriend worked at the same place until our friend got fired. They can no longer afford to live here and have family and better oppurtunities where they are moving. We took over there lease. We did not make enough to qualify to live there ( 3 times the rent amount which i think is ridicoulous) We have another roomate moving in with us soon but he is not on the lease yet. Our friend took theirs names off the lease and put ours on there. I was honest on our application of how much we made and the lady told us to lie to her ? So my friend lied and said me and boyfriend made way more then we do. We can pay rent . Im just nervous later on after our friends lease that we took over is up they will kick us out or persue charges. Any advice >?

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Well, as you have found out, being dishonest is uncomfortable and can have consequences. That's the way life is. Being truthful is a lot less complicated.

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I was completely truthful on the application and when the lady asked me ... the lady at the desk told me to lie to her to get the apartment.

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