Cold basement floor

jewelisfabulousMarch 20, 2014

We will be hiring a contractor in the next year or so to finish our walk-out basement. In the meantime, we're researching methods and products to ensure that we know how to talk with the contractors we invite to bid the project. We want to make sure the end result is a dry, well-lit, warm space.

One of our concerns is how to keep damp and cold from emanating up from the poured concrete floor. In the 13 years we've owned the house, the floor has always appeared to be dry with no seepage, but I understand that there could be moisture coming through that currently dissipates into the air. That moisture would be trapped under flooring and cause problems if not addressed first.

What products should we research that would address both the possibility of damp as well as insulation of basement floors?

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Thanks for your reply. We have looked into the spray foam insulation for the walls, but am not sure how it would be of use on top of an existing basement floor. The link shows use under floors (before the concrete is poured I believe), between floors/rooms, and filling cinder block. ???

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One inch of XPS (extruded polystyrene) on the floor insulates and provides moisture protection for finished floor surfaces.

See illustration below from the US Department of Energy's Building America.

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Other non-insulating alternatives, each of which have competitors with similar products, are: Dri-Core and Delta-FL.

XPS boards require additional layers of ply over them; Delta-FL may require additional layers depending on the finish floor; Dri-Core and competitors are ready for the finished flooring without an additional layer.

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Thank you, Worthy. We appreciate this information!

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the fact that it is cold .. there is a high chance that humidity level is not regulated and might cause problems in the future like formation of molds and mildews & other pests. regulate humidity with a help of a dehumidifier. there are units not too expensive and yet effective in regulating humidity

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A dehumidifier will help this. I mounted mine on the wall above the washing machine drain. That way the condensate ould drain without a pump. As well, a heat pump water heater will dehumidify your basement while producing hot water.

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