Reupholstering antique sofa

lorainevcMarch 18, 2010

I have a great 1930s antique sofa and chair, smaller scale, trimmed in wood and with nailhead trim. I am getting ready to have it recovered, but am so confused with fabric. I want a simple fabric (no prints)and am torn between the chenille and microfiber. In a heartbeat, I'd choose the chenille, but the microfiber comes in the goldish tan color I want. My question is would microfiber look silly on an antique piece? I want something durable, spot cleanable, comfortable and longer wearing, all for the right price. It is a very simple sofa, clean lines, no back pillows and a one cushion seat. Thanks!

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How about a velveteen? It would be of the period and long wearing.
Linda C

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Also appropriate for the vintage of your piece and the simple style you want would be mohair. It's generally quite pricey so you'll need to work a bit to get it for a decent price. However..... it wears like iron so you'll have it forever and it's gorgeous. Keep an eye on ebay for good pricing and ask on the Decorating forum here - there are some very savvy shoppers there.

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Mohair prickles....I have a pair of chairs upholstered in mohair....and while lovely....and about 45 years old....they are pickery if you are wearing shorts or light fabric.
They need re doing, not because the fabric has worn but because it has faded and the cushions are flat....the stuff wears like iron!
Linda C

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So why is it thatwhen I click on the word fabric, underlined in the second line of your text, that I get an ad for Sunlight soap ?????????? Begone Satan ! Sorry, Begone salesman !

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hmmmm... my experience with mohair velvet is not scratchy and I'm fairly sensitive to wool - but I guess it depends on the individual and the specific fabric.

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Paul, I don't understand what you're talking about. Underlined words? I didn't underline any. Possibly, the site underlines words for one to select so they would be directed to an ad...guess those ads are what pays for this 'free' site. Mohair...I would love that and actually came across some from a friend for $20 per yard--great sale-- but she didn't have enough. I think I will check Ebay (great suggestion). What I want and what I can afford are two different things! Hahaha.

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Hope you don't mind if I ask a question here about fabric style names. I have an art-deco/rococo living room set that was covered in mohair, but I had it recovered in a velveteen like fabric. Some mohair can be stiff and some is softer.

I am a baby-boomer and love mid-century furniture. I was wondering what the name of the fabric style is that was used on many chairs and sofas of that period. It is very prickly and was acrylic with tight loops...typically in greens or salmon. (It is not brocade or barkcloth.) It was used on many Heywood-Wakefield pieces.

lorainevc can you post a picture of your furniture? Maybe the type of fabric I used on my set would work for you. It is rather a velveteen with stamped pattern and is all gray.

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