Pesky Flies

jengerJuly 7, 2007

We live in a townhouse with a small back yard. Our neighbors have 3 lrg dogs and the neighbors beside them 2 lrg dogs (this makes 5 large dogs in a small space). Although they are pretty good about cleaning up the stinky poo every other day or so, the 2 yards have recently started attracting ALOT of flies, that are venturing over to our yard. We put up a wall of privacy fencing, but haven't noticed a difference. Help!! We have a nice little backyard oasis set up, but the flies are running us indoors!Yuck!

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No doubt the flies will respect your privacy and stay on their side of the fence once they get used to the concept. ;D

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pretty good about cleaning up the stinky poo every other day or so

I'd say this isn't actually 'pretty good.' If it's stinky, you don't need to smell it for a day until it gets cleaned up (just in time to be replaced, no doubt). Plus, if there are flies swarming, obviously there's an issue.

Aside from asking the neighbors to keep on top of the poo problem, maybe you could get one of those gazebos that have the screen walls. Thus, you can enjoy (part of) your yard without (most of) the flies.

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