Do children have rights to be children?

anarosaJuly 30, 2009

My neighbor have sent a couple of letters to my Landord complaining about my children. I only allow them to run less than ten minutes a day and this is too much for her, she doesn't want to hear us walking or laughing. She also complaints that I do my dishes late at night and that I walk until late. If I walk until late is because my child who's six has frontal lobe epylepsy and is basicly at night when it comes, is not my fault that the floor creaks louder at night. My question is what can I do? Do children have some kind of law that protects them and allows them to live in their own place without this harrasment? they jump every time she hits my floor with her broom.This situation is really scaring them and it's not fair, please advice me, what can I do? thanks

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Send complaints in about her disturbing your peace with loud bangs all the time.

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Cover all the areas you use for walking with padding topped with carpeting.

Such a remedy could be a peaceful solution to your noice problems. Don't forget that the noise is generated by you, and therefore, it would be in your own best interest to find a way to abate the noise. Like yourself, your neighbor would like peaceful enjoyment of her apartment.

Floors' creaking can be eliminated by a skilled carpenter and would be your landlord's responsibility. You and your neighbor could together make requests to your landlord to have the creaking-floor problem eliminated. The landlord has to provide peaceful habitation for all.

Never lodge false accusations or complaints about anybody! If you do, you open yourself to all kinds of repercussions, like eviction, lawsuits, and landlords unwilling to rent to you again, because you've become a high-risk tenant.

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