Smelly Basement

davey3000March 23, 2010

My in-laws basement smells terrible. They want to sell the house but are afraid a whiff of the basement will turn away any potential buyers. I think they may have mold and the basement leaks every time it rains. Does anyone know how to clean up a basement that reeks, get rid of mold and keep rain water out? Thanks.

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See this thread for starters.

Fixing years of neglect is no small task.

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Here is what you do. I would have a mold inspector whom specilizes is detecting mold, and water areas. After you get that info, then go from there. Try checking other info throughout this forum. I bought a house recently and had a mold inspector look at it. This basement does not leak so I was lucky. I sprayed a mold killer and removed any affected drywall. Smell is gone.
Sounds like the drain tile and or poor grade from the house.

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