Vapor Barrier needed for Basement Bathroom Foundation Wall?

mrmichaeljmooreMarch 16, 2010

I am doing a basement bathroom (see my other thread on my tiling saga).....

This bathroom wil be connected to the existing finished basment area.

My question is regarding a vapor barrier for the bathroom wall that is on the poured foundation wall....

Do I need some plastic sheeting as a vapor/water barrier between the concrete and insulation/wall studs?

Or am I good with just the wall, insulation and wall studs?

Do I use just regular pink insulation with the paper on one side?

If I need a plastic sheeting vapor barrier, how do I attach it? Where?

Not usre if it matters, but the wall has a coat of DryLock or similar on it.....I think it was done by the previous homeowners, at least 6 years ago....



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Forget the fibreglass. It's only asking for trouble. Unless you can find Membrain in your area for use as an internal vapour barrier, use extruded polystyrene (XPS) attached to the wall, followed by batts between framing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Understanding Basements

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