Anyone have any idea of value of an old Pram

rjingaMarch 3, 2011

I dont have a picture at this moment (and I realize that will matter in the accurate assesment of my question)

BUT, I have a vintage pram in decent clearly used condition. It will need some major cleaning and minor repairs. I am wanting to get some idea of it's resale value, at least a ballpark idea of what they might sell for both in this condition and also cleaned up and repaired.

It is mechanically sound, the issues it has are cosmetic and are from normal wear and tear (and the dirt is from years of storage by the person it came from).

I realize this may be too broad of a question (so there's no need to scold me for lack of info, I'm quite aware that this is a shot in the dark without exact details of the item in question).

In general, I'm just wondering if any has any experience with them, or if anyone has any thoughts on the topic? I'd love to hear from you. meanwhile, I'll get a picture of it today and come back this afternoon and post it.

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You know you won't get any answer without lots more info....wicker? leather? Big wheels? Style? how old? Is there a maker's name? etc.
I know that old prams are often used for decorative purposes.....even in poor condition....and good old prams that can be cleaned up are great for a baby.

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