Ge Profile dishwasher reviews anybody?

kitchenchaosJanuary 25, 2008

I am seriously considering the GE Profile dishwasher. It has some very nice features on it. I especially think I like the utensil rack on the top as well as the Smart Dispenser. Anybody have this new model, and what do you think?

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I bought a new Profile PDW9980N00SS, about 2 months ago. So far, so good. It is very quiet which was what I was looking for. At it's loudest, just a hum. I love the top shelf as it can hold large drinking glasses in almost every row. The cutlery rack at the back of the top shelf is a bit of a waste, as it pops out all the time. I may take it out. I wish it had a light on the front that showed when the dishwasher is done. Overall I'm very satisfied. Good Luck.

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I have the new profile dishwasher PDW9980N00SS and had to have it fixed at 6 months, It has a problem with moisture getting into the key pad, GE has replaced the Module control and keypad but the moisture is still there after every wash, The service man From GE that came to verify the condition called Techinal support and was informed that they have no fix for the problem, They have offered me a 6 month extension on my warrantee, After that it is about a $300. repair. I have everything in writing and they will see me in small claims court if it breaks again, I forgot to mention that I purchased the profile because my other Ge Dishwasher was on a recall( Wiring was catching on fire) Good Luck Harry Wells

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harrywells, do you remember which dishwasher had the recall? I'm trying to make up my mind which GE dishwasher I'm going to get. Will be my first GE dishwasher. TIA

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papwhipped - GE had to recall over 3 million dishwashers. I know - it's hard to believe. However I had 2 recalled, one at home and one at my vacation place. You can go to their web site for all the information. the problem was that the rinse aide was leaking inside the door and causing problems with the wiring.

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I have/had that GE with the recall. I am just replacing it now. It got to a point where it wouldn't drain properly, plus all the racks were so nasty after a few years, it was cheaper to buy new than to fix it and get new racks. I am not buying GE again. Our GE appliances in general haven't been too good to us. Whoever built our house used all GE Profile Performance appliances and the double oven runs at two different temperatures. The fridge leaks when you use the in-door water feature. I am sure that is a small fix, but, still. The microwave is the only thing that works as it should and the house is only 8 years old - these things started failing at about 6 years old (shortly after we bought it). I would never buy GE again unless they have some miraculous turnaround in their quality.

I may be the lone voice here, but that has been my experience with GE thus far.

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I purchased the GE Profile; I am pretty sure it's the 9980 series. I bought if for the Quiet Power 7 feature. It's very quiet. we had the 2 previously that came with the house and it is on the recall list. the only thing i don't like is when i pull the bottom rack out with the dishes, they come flying forward. I've tried numerous times rearranging the plates so they stay in one place. I am wondering if the guys who installed it didn't adjust the door right since the bottom tray seems to slant down. The self dispensing detergent is great; didn't think it was any big deal but one less step in the cleaning up process; just press the start button and it's done. the dishwasher beeps 3 times, very quietly(!) when it's done.

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