Hate Your Small NYC Apartment?

talknyJuly 20, 2007

Do you live in an extremely small NYC apartment? Would you like an expert to help you make your small space look and feel bigger than it is? If you are an 18-49 year old who would like help turning your tiny apartment into something more comfortable, a New York based Nationally Syndicated Talk Show wants to lend a helping hand. Please only respond if you want to be on television. Please email me at nytalkshow101@gmail.com

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A network televison show that uses a GMAIL addy ? Hahahaha. ROTFL. Yeah, I got an email from Pres. Bush the other day and guess what! HE uses a Gmail account to. Imagine that!

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I personally have no problem believing that this person could work for a talk show and use gmail. What exactly is the problem with that?

In this day and age, anyone can buy a domain name for $5. Would it be easier for you to believe if the address were someone@bigtalkshowtv.com?

Anyone can buy that domain as long as it's available. So a domain name is no guarantee that you are corresponding with the person you think you are.

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Wow!! That one makes me nervous. It seems to me that for a talk show, if you want to be one one, just go to the show in question. If in fact they are looking for certain situation, they (I've heard/seen them do it) advise the viewing public of that fact during the show.

I'd be plenty skeptical of this add running here as it's looking for a specific age group, and who knows once you give them all your information? Well so many scams and identity thief..

On the other hand it could be legitimate

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I work in publishing, and I can imagine it being real.

If you're a freelancer, or even if you're an on-staff producer, you don't really want to have your real work address here--for one thing, you'll come to a point in which the show is over,a nd you can simply abandon that e-mail address.

For another, you don't want to get lots of e-mail, in your real work account, from all sort of people who want to get your attention for their OTHER story ideas.

and you don't want to use an e-mail address that gives away your future story lines to the competition.

This, I'm sure, is not the only source they're using to try to find people.

As for thinking that people who want to be on a talk show will go directly to them, I don't think that works very well.

"specific age group"? 18 to 49? That's pretty much the main category of adults. And that's probably their main demographic.

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Well there seems to be a screenname nytalkshow who likes to post on gay teen boards:


White women with black men boards:


And the list goes on and on....

Now nytalkshow is looking for people to decorate their apartments? Hmmm.

Why didn't this person, nytalkshow just post the show's website address? A lot of legit shows have websites that put out calls on their website for people to contact them to be on the show with a *Contact Us* button to click.

I would not email this person and start giving a lot of personal info about myself or my place of residence.

Here is a link that might be useful: nytalkshow Post

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I found from one discussion board that nytalkshow claims to be from the Dr. Ablow Show and gives the Ablow website to check out YET still prefers to be contacted with a Yahoo addy rather than the *Contact Us* button on the Ablow website. This seems very strange. This does not make sense and yes, I would feel better if I saw a request on a discussion board with a domain name addy. I mean anyone could get a Gmail addy that says Oprah@gmail.com and make people believe that they are really emailing and chatting with the TV host Oprah. You do not know who you are REALLY talking to with a Yahoo addy. The even weirder, stranger thing is, that in the linked post below nytalkshow is looking for gay teens and requests that 'recent photo' be sent in order to be considered for the TV show. Uhhhh, like why is a photo needed, if they are just looking for gay teens to talk on a show? What is nytalkshow going to do after receiving the photo, offer to fly the teen out to NY to be interviewed to be on the show? Where are they going to meet for the interview? McDonalds? I can't believe a show would operate like this.


This is either a scam OR the staff at this show is SOOOOOO unprofessional they are not worth bothering with.

Here is a link that might be useful: nytalkshow gay teen photo request

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I find it interesting that BudWi chooses only to focus on nytalkshow's seeking gay teens, when in fact she's also at various times been looking for older women in relationships with younger men, people who refuse to paint rooms dark colors (or maybe it's light colors, can't remember), people who are terrified of eating after 8pm or something, and now people who are talking about decorating their apartments. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A PRODUCER ON A TALK SHOW!! and yes I meant to shout.

It's fine to be suspicious of people on the internet and maybe even more than fine to wish that they wouldn't come and solicit for talk shows on a discussion board, but please. In this day and age to be suspicious based on the fact that someone is using an @gmail or @yahoo address is totally ridiculous, for exactly the reasons that talley sue described above.

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I Googled "nytalkshow" and yes, I also found the posts on older woman/younger man boards which is what I meant by "And the list goes on and on....". I did not find ANY for decorating or dieting. Sorry. I guess my Google-Fu is weak. If I had found them I would have posted about it. I am not focusing on gay teens. I did find it odd that nytalk show is asking that a gay teen was suppose to submit a photo with their email when contacting them. And I do not think there is anything wrong with caution, suspicion and wanting to fact check. Again I ask, Why not just refer people to the show's website rather than a web based email addy?????

BTW, I hear there is a Nigerian prince who is trying to get some money out of a Swiss bank account and needs help. He is willing to split the money. I know this is legit because 'the prince himself posted it' on a needlpoint and knitting discussion board. Don't miss out. Email me for details.

This is what should have been posted for the request to appear on the TV show:


Or maybe this one:


Here is a link that might be useful: This is what should have been posted for the request.

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