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liddy01July 29, 2006

Well, these past few months have been a whirlwind of change.

My fh and I were planning on buying a house in March/April 06 with a move in late August 06. The market was not the greatest at the time, we had a short list of requiremends 3bds/2bas. And we had a short list of wants: pool/1+ acre. The houses were way above our limit of 250k.

In June 06, I was offered a huge multi-year project at work that would nearly double my pay (29k to 52k), my fh and I sat down and decided to stay with the apartment for another year citing with this project, I didn't want to move. I told the lease company that we would be staying another 12 mos but I would be on a business trip, so to hold my paperwork until I got back 2 weeks later.

The week after I said this, I was told that the project would be on hold until Christmas. I returned from my meeting to find my paperwork under my door, not feeling the greatest about signing it, I left it on my kitchen table, where it still sits today.

Well, 3 days ago, our perfect house came on the market, complete with indoor pool and well below our 250k limit. Since we haven't signed the lease paperwork and have given nothing in writing, can we give 60 days notice and pay the 1 month of month-to-month rate? Or are we out of luck?


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RUN to the managers office and let them know what is going on - that you found the house of your dreams.

Offer to be extra-nice about showing the place, until you move out, and let them know when you will be moving.

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Talk to the management many are humans and will work with you.

In some states verbal leases are binding.

Worst case you are bound untill its able to be re-rented. You could try to rent it out yourself... Mgmt would have to approve but you/they really should be able to be re-rent it quickly. Even if you gave the new tenant a discount and picked up $50 of their rent. IT would be worth if for the home of your dreams!

Best luck!

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