Flooring w/walk-out basement

cougar2kMarch 17, 2011

I'd like to put down laminate or some other solid surface flooring (no tile) when we finish our basement for our 1 year old son's playroom. The only way it could flood is if the first floor bathroom has a severe flood. The main problem that I'm facing is that the sliding glass door was installed flush with the concrete slab. So, I do not have much room for flooring. I think the XPS, ply, laminate combo would be higher than the door threshold. I am looking for the thinnest way to keep my floors warm. Thank you for your help!

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Synthetic carpet with no underpad. Indoor /outdoor would be perfect especially for cleanups from spills.

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I'm really hesitant to put down carpet b/c this is the main area that my dog stays in when he's wet. He's a really active long-haired dog that seems to bring in a bucket of sand with him.

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You can have an entry area from the exterior of tile or stone--say 2'x4'--then you step it up to the laminate atop the proper underlayments.

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