vacuum snagged carpet, now what?

vacuumfreakJuly 11, 2008

Well, I was just merrily vacuuming away and looked down to notice a snag in the carpet being ripped up by my cleaner.

This is what I removed from the brush roll and what was left in the carpet. What do you think the apartment complex will say when they see this? Do you think they will try to keep my deposit when I move? I wasn't abusing the carpet... I was actually trying to take care of it!

Also, a "slice" has developed in the floor over the year and a half that I've lived here... what do you think they'll say about that?

Thanks :o)

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utho... I think they will keep your deposit .. sure it looks like cheap carpets BUT I worked as a caretaker for a real cheapskate and watched him pull some bad stuff on folks .. cheap carpet .. white of course so stains and spills didnt come out under normal cleaning .. flat non washable white paint .. again impossible to take care of he was a stinker about nail holes as well .. $10.00 PER nail hole he found.. sucks huh? and he got away with it!
kiss te deposit good by I can almost bet on it .

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Can you kind of stuff it back in with a needle carefully and then keep a piece of furniture on top forever?

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You can fix the run in the carpet from picture #2:

As for the first picture, you might have to cut out a square and replace it with a matching remnant. Check at remnant stores. Sometimes the big boxes (lowes & hd) might stock it. The carpet in the picture looks very much like the typical contractor grade found everywhere. You might have to take a small piece in for matching purposes. There are also places which will fix this for you. I don't know where you are, but here is an example company: Google Carpet + Repair + your city.

Good luck and keep us updated!

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