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MichelleDTJanuary 11, 2012

Ok - now this is probably going to be the silliest question ever...but....the broiler on the CC (or BS) is something I have never had (have a 5 year old GE Monogram Pro now)....can I use my All-Clad d5's under that broiler or does it require different pans? Please don't laugh!



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I've used my all clad copper core with no issues, but don't know an official answer on that.

BTW, one trick I have used with the CC broiler to get around the rack position issue if to put the rack on the second position and then put a jelly roll pan upside down on the rack. This provides about an inch of elevation closer to the broiler for browning.

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Yes, anything that can handle stove-top heat will be O.K. under the broiler. Avoid glass oven-ware it will not be O.K. because of the intense heat, likewise plastics (including handles on metal pans) and aluminum foil and silicone baking pans.

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Technically you should avoid teflon coated pans as well since temps above 500 degrees start to cause it to break down.


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I have used my glass corningware for years under the infrared broiler, I also love using the cast iron skillet too.

Nice trick CT Rob, I too have found the second rack is too far away and the top is worthless...

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Here's an official answer from All Clad (confirming the consensus here):

6. Is All-Clad oven-safe?
Yes. All five of the All-Clad collections are oven and broiler safe. Nonstick items are not broiler safe, but can be put in the oven up to 500 F.

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Thanks Z!

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CT-Rob, Emilner -- I pointed out this racks-positioning problem to the Capital engineer today. He said he'd look into the idea of adding additional slides to the stack. I think the racks need reengineering though.

He's also looking into some way to provide an internal thermometer for reading.

I mention this for interest sake -- I'm not suggesting you hold your breath waiting for the fix though! However, I would say that if you want to convey your well-thought-out ideas, I have no doubt they would be welcome. Please contact me offline if you need help finding the target for your great ideas and observations.

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