turning off main switch off in the box

ihatenoiseJuly 20, 2007

I was SO close to turning them noise making losers power off last night after midnite, if it happens after midnite again, i am gonna do it. Anything wrong with this approach? Nothing else seems to work.

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Yes there is something wrong with that. It is illegal.

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Why is it illegal? Its not like they cant get it back on, its just an inconvinience for them, just like it is to put up with there abusive noise after hours.

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Where does it say its illegal to flip the main switch? I also contacted the local police department about the noise they have a noise ordinance for during the day and night. So i dont know how that would work. But i still think flipping the switch in the box would be an attention getter.

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Well if you are in contact with the police department then WHY DON'T YOU ASK THEM about it next time you chat with them, if you don't believe me?

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Flipping the switch is NOT a solution to your problem, it's just the opposite: it's a declaration of war. Have you even stopped to think what their reaction would be? They're not suddenly going to become perfect neighbors because you turned their power off. They're going to retaliate! I can see them throwing the spoiled food in their fridge at you when you come out of your apartment. If you think you have a problem *now*, just think what could happen..........

Dont let your frustration make you do something that you'll regret becuase it makes the situation worse. Look to your lease and look to management to deal with it through official channels.

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Abusive noise should illegal. It seems that there is no stopping these kinda monsters. I said something yesterday morning to them before i left. And that was Shutup and then he said your gay, and shutup again. What do you think of that? Mind you i kept repeating what i said louder and louder. These young punks think its a cheap place to make noise, that all an apartment is for apparently. I also did talk to his wife thats alredy been divorced once alredy mid 30s and hes early 20s, still no maturity, also said something to his wife and was winning the argument and said get a lower if you wanna make that kinda noise, she says we wernt doing anything....I said if i can here you, you certainly were. too long to post the rest. but you get the picture hopefully.

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I would not turn off the power, this will get attention for sure but will start a war. they will begin to do it to you if they can or do other things. they can continue to slander you, do things to your car and other property and could assault you. You did not say if this was in a complex or a building owned by an independent landlord. if its a complex take th problem to the managers office. put it in writing too. tell them what you are dealing with. if you just have a landlord call him up and talk to him the same as you would a property manager, also send a letter. from then on every time they break the noise ordinance call the police to start a file going to show what is going on. I think that if you asked your neighbors to keep it down and they refuse still to and call you names doing so again is a waste of time just call the police and report it, don't confront them anymore doing so will make it worse.

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Hi, again...i have not turned off the power. I know they are too ignorant to get the point. I had threatened to move out and looked at a place the other day, but they didnt want a pet on a upper which is understandable, so next one that comes along hopefully we could get into. Am really annoyed that the good renters have to move to get away from this crap, only to end up with more trashy rednecks that think they are the only ones for miles!

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