waterproofing steps before finishing my basement

hehatemeMarch 7, 2011

My house is 4 years old.

I have a lookout basement.

I live in a city with clay soil and high water table.

I have never had a water issue but my sump pump runs from spring to fall. It does not run at a high frequency like every minute but if I had to guess it runs 4-5 times an hour.

I do have sump pump alarm that was installed with my security system.

I am about to finish my basement. I had water problems in my previous home so I am paranoid about water damage.

What can I do before I finish my basement to make sure there are no future water issues.

I was thinking of getting 2 more pumps. One of them will be a Zoeller pump. The other will be battery backup pump.

So my hope is that if my primary pump dies the battery backed up pump takes over and I can turn on the backup pump. I will also ask my security company to send me text message if the sump pump alarm goes on.

Is there anything else I should do? I live in Twin Cities, MN so I will appreciate any referral to a basement water proofing contractor.


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The essential measures to keep water at bay are outside the house. Inside, I would limit the use of moisture sensitive finishings and keep any that are moisture sensitive an inch or two above floor level. That would mean no wall-to-wall carpeting, only loose rugs and no wood flooring of any kind. Instead, tiles or stone on an anti-fracture membrane. Put wall base plates on 1" of XPS; you might have to use floating walls because of the soil.

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