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hehatemeMarch 7, 2011


We have a lookout basement. We are about to finish them.

I have always seen a ledge in the exterior wall of the lookout basements. This is the wall that has all the windows. I was all set to choose a design with ledge.

However the designer of the basement contractor that I am working with us told us that we should consider not have ledge at all. She recommended having a wall that goes all the way up. This means that window sills will be deep. She was telling us that this will make the basement look like rest of the house.

I have never seen such a basement and I was wondering if you have a basement where you had to make a similar decision. What did you choose?


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I suspect the "ledge" to which you refer happens because the foundation transitions to a framed exterior wall. I understand the logic of the designer and it will not cause loss of floor space to have a uniform wall.

Personally I wouldn't think the "deep" windows would look unattractive as comapred to a ledge. You could use the sills as display locations, to grow plants or some other purposeful application. It's how you want to use the space. One family I know has a very deep ledge which they use as their buffet table when entertaining in the basement.

Our basement is a standard one with limited windows. We have some conduits which caused me to set one wall about 3" out from the foundation because I just didn't like the thought of a soffit to hide them.

Your house and your choice but I would probably go with a standard looking wall. Good luck.

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