Noise pollution

nflliferJuly 9, 2006

Just read an interesting article about noise pollution. A few neighbors are suing an owner of a race track. They have documented and called the police weekly since 1997. They have also had to pollution control agency bring out a device to leave and measure levels. It shows only a few times where it would cause pain! They say its so loud that they can't hear each other 5' away outside during a race.

Just thought it was interesting to see it has taken 9 years of complaining against a obvious offender to get this to go to court. Makes me wonder how long it would take in my county to get a court date set against a loud neighbor.

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I think the big question here is whether or not the race track was there when they moved in. If it was, then they SHOULD have no ground to stand on. It preceeded them. If it was put there after they moved in, that would be a different story.

We have a similar problem near our airport. People move near the airport and then they complain about the jet noise. Duh!

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