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andersogMarch 17, 2011

The basement in my NY area house flooded last week- first time in 10 years this has happened. My entire street had issues, and others who have been there for 20+ yrs. also said its the first time (the water table was too high due to massive rains and the water came up from underneath).

Before I go and purchase new carpet, I was thinking I should look at putting a sump pump in as a safety measure. Is this something where a plumber just digs down into the foundation and installs the pump, with a pipe running outside? How effective are sump pumps in preventing such an issue from occurring (ie due to a high water table)? Lastly, is it worth it going after a pump that has a battery backup?

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As a retrofit, a sump is dug in a low spot on the floor and the pump installed. Pumps work best when the original floor was poured on top of gravel. Sump pumps are mandatory in many jurisdictions for good reason. I've never bothered with battery backups in mine as the pumps rarely switched on. OTOH, a neighbour six-hundred feet away had a pump that ran continuously. He had a backup battery and a backup pump sitting ready should the first pump conk out.

See link for an installation. Note: some of the YouTube diy'ers haven't a clue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video: Installing a Sump Pump

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