Smoker Lines Below me

christinaaJuly 11, 2009

We have a door and a window that open out onto our balcony. It's too hot to keep them closed for very long, but the person below us smokes. the smoke comes up between the boards and in through our windows. And he's out there it seems once every hour. So we have to keep shutting our windows and reopening them when they're gone. Does anyone have any suggestions as to something we could maybe put down, a rug or plastic, that would keep the smoke from coming up. I know the apartments are supposed to be smoke free, but I don't think there's anything about smoking on the balconys.

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Try putting a window fan in the window--blowing out of the apartment. That might blow the smoke away from your window so that it doesn't get pulled in to your living space.

You might also consider asking the smoker if he would mind trying a fan out on the balcony, blowing away from the building. That would disperse the smoke even more. Or ask him if he could smoke on the edge of the balcony farthest from the building.

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Sounds like your only hope is to move to a non smoking building. Your neighbor cant be blamed for the direction the wind blows.

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