Nasty neighbor EVICTED!!!

judi_eJuly 13, 2006

Do y'all remember me posting about the neighbor who called the cops about my husband playing the electronic drum set in the middle of the afternoon on the weekend? Guess what was taped to his door eviction notice!!!

Now, we already knew that the apartment manager wasn't going to offer him a renewal on his lease, and that he had told her that he wasn't going to renew anyway.....but that was last fall, almost a year ago. His lease is up early next month, and we hadn't heard anymore about it. We talked to him a couple months after it all went down, and had a calm conversation and we're on "Hey howya doin" type terms. Not friendly, exactly, but civil at least. So we just figured that when his lease came up he would give his notice and leave. Well, for some reason they're formally evicting him. My husband talked to the guy who posted the notice and the neighbor will have to go to court. There were no more details, either because they guy didn't have them or because he wasn't allowed to say.

So, that's it.....we don't know how long it'll be before he's gone, but so far there's been no explosion next door. There was a rather loud conversation on his cell phone outside last night, but we couldn't hear enough to know if he was upset about the eviction or something else, but that didn't last long. I have to think that there would have been some notice before the eviction was granted, so he probably knew this was coming. We do know that there was more than the incident with us, we were told by someone who worked in the office that his file was huge, full of stuff....we don't know if it was complaints he made, or complaints against him.

Now I just want him to get moved out without any reason to even look in our direction. I don't want him leaving and being angry with us for any reason at all, the guy is unstable. And I'm not just basing that on our interractions with him, I found his blog and it scared me enough that if I were the girl he's obsessing over I would move and change my name. So I really want him gone now, so that I can feel safe in my own home again.


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Every state has different laws. In mine the person serving papers has to be a arms length individual. These people typically server lots of small claims and unlawfull detainers each day. Honestly he wouldn't know much more than he told you. Here the papers have to be served 1 week before the hearing. If he argues the original dispute a hearing is set up the next week. At that time the judge will make a ruling and give the tenant a min of 2 days to vacate. If he doesn't leave in the two days the LL can have the Sheriff remove him from the premisis, put his belongings into storage for 90 days and then auction it off, keeping the proceeds.

Most times after service the tenant is out with in 2 weeks. Good luck!

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I actually looked into the eviction process in this state. Turns out the notice he got last week was a summons. He probably didn't pay his rent on the first, so he got a notice about it within the first week of the month, then on the 12th he got the summons. His court date should be this week or next week (7-10 business days after service, depending on what day of the week the court does eviction cases). If he shows up in court he'll be given however many days to pay the rent or leave, and he'll have 10 days to appeal. If he doesn't show up in court, or doesn't pay the rent after court and doesn't appeal, then a writ of restitution will be issued and the sherriff can remove him from the property. Since his lease is up early next month, I can't imagine this taking too long. He'll either leave at the end of the lease or be removed a week or so earlier.

Either way it's almost over, and I can't wait to be able to relax in my own home again. See, I'm even more nervous now than I was last fall. Last fall I thought the guy was just angry and violent. Since the summons was posted, my husband stumbled on the neighbor's onling blog....we know it's his, cuz he has a picture of him and a picture of his dog. For 2 1/2 weeks, every day, sometimes several times a day, he posted about his girlfriend. He's 33, she's 18, and he's completely obsessed with her. It reads like the diary of a 15 year old girl. He calls her several times a day, get's enraged when she doesn't answer the phone, wants to know where she's been, who she was with, one day accuses her of lying about everything and slutting around, next day he's on there pining about how he can't live without her and she's the only person he's ever's really scary. If I were the girlfriend, I'd leave the state and change my name. So now he's more than just an angry neighbor with anger management issues, he's emotionally stunted and obsessed with an 18 year old girl.

He also has his own perception of reality. He told us that the manager threatened to evict both of us last fall if we didn't work our problems out. Lie. He said all the police told him my husband had to stop with the drums, one even said he was GOING TO write us a citation.....lie. He claims that the officers who told us it was OK told him it wasn't....lie. He made it out like everyone was telling each of us whatever we wanted to hear, police included. And I believed him for a moment, he seemed so sincere. But I'm convinced now that he was either flat out lying, or he's delusional.

Do you have any idea what they would do with a pet if they had to forceably remove a tenant. He's got a dog, and while we couldn't take her in (we have two cats who don't even get along with eachother, it would never work out) I'd like to know that she would be properly taken care of.

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Good question on the pet. I have never had to deal with that or heard. I would guess it would go to the animal shelter up for adoption. He'll probably keep it but who knows.

2 stories. One tenant left two iguanas and I just gave them to a friend that had one and wanted more. Tenant still owes me money from 1997 :)

In Real Estate I list forclosures for a bank. We have to get the homes rekeyed and I am the first to inspect. Some really horrible things are seen!

One house out of town (luckily not mine to list) was entered and they found 4 dead cats. The smell was overwhelming! The owner just left them and locked the doors. I hope charges were pressed!

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UGH!!! I'll never understand how people can treat defenseless animals like that. That's horrible!!!

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The latest news:

My husband stopped by the management office today to talk to the property manager. He was telling her that when we saw the summons posted on the neighbors door we were ready to celebrate. She said "No, don't celebrate quite yet, but.....well, umm, you'll know when to celebrate, trust me, just hang on, you'll know."

Cryptic, but interesting. So I'm wondering if he didn't show up for court, or couldn't pay the money he owed, so they are in fact evicting him. Maybe we'll see him dragged out by the police! Wouldn't that be one helluva show?

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Methinks you are a bit obsessed with the nasty neighbor. Getting them evicted is one thing, but going out of one's way to ensure their continued downfall gets to the unhealthy level of involvement. Perhaps you will see the miscreant hauled away by the local constubualary. Will that then make your life complete and fulfilled?

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We did not GET him evicted. If it were in our hands he would have been evicted the day after he threatened my husband, way back last year. No, he is being evicted thanks to his own actions, probably not paying the rent. His lease is up within the next couple weeks anyway, the manager is not renewing his lease, we figure he didn't pay the last month's rent, so she started eviction proceedings.

Understand this is not just an annoying neighbor, this is a neighbor who called the police on us FIVE TIMES. I've lived in apartments for nearly 10 years and NEVER had so much as a noise complaint, let alone the police knocking on my door. I'm pretty sure the police have better things to do than go investigate a guy playing his electronic drum set with headphones at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. This is the neighbor who tried to kick in our door. This is the neighbor who beat on our adjoining wall so hard I'm honestly surprised he didn't do any damage. This is the neighbor who, we are convinced, is delusional (we have the police reports from every call....he insists that the police told him they were going to tell my husband he had to stop with the drums....that's not in ANY of the reports, and the police told us the drums were fine...the manager told us she wouldn't renew his lease when it came up, neighbor says she threated to evict all of us if we didn't settle the problem). This is the neighbor who threatened to hurt my husband. This is the neighor who TERRIFIES ME.

This is a man who believes that he has the right to harrass and threaten his neighbors simply because apartment life isn't silent enough for him, and he truly believes that the law is on his side. So, yes, after living next door to this bully for nearly a year, seeing him put in his place by the local police force would be a bonus.

And how am I going out of my way to "ensure his continued downfall"???? Trust me, if I was truly interested in his continued downfall, there are ways I could harass him. No, instead I just want him to leave. I want him to forget we ever existed. I want him gone, and I don't want him starting any trouble in the process of leaving.

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Your post reminds me of the high drama a former tenant gave me in my Neighborhood. See my older post 'Scum bag neighbor evicted, hurray!' Luckily the problem residents live in the next building down. So I was fortunate in that respect not to have to share the same stairwell. Even so, it was not pleasant. I still had to drive past them coming home from work. I also had to walk past their building to get my mail from the postal box. Getting harrased and threatened was not something I wanted to come home to. Nobody should be afraid to come home. Luckily, the management was responsive to me and another's complaint. To my joy, they got the eviction notice next day. During the down time, I just did my best to avoid them and nothing got worse. The best sign of relief was coming in the driveway, and seeing that big U-Haul truck. You have my sympathy.

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