Dining Chairs

SharonaZamboniMarch 2, 2012

My mom has three or four of these chairs. Can anyone tell me about them? Not very visible in the photos, but there are casters on the front legs. Thanks!

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Victorian side or parlor chairs. Eastlake influence....about 1880's. Walnut....been reupholstered.
Linda C

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Yes, extremely nice and Eastlake style. If these have been reupholstered, it's been awhile, and somebody did a very nice job with good choice in materials. I had one, not as nice as these, I got an an auction for a song. DH broke it down with the intent of regluing and then cleaned out his woodshop and pitched it. I am still grieving for it. LOL.

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I've always liked them, and she's asked me to see how much they're worth for sale. I'm thinking of keeping them for myself :) Any ideas as to the cash value? I'm thinking that there are only three, a set of four would have stuck in my mind.

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Those parlor chairs often were made in "sets"...with a ladies chair a gentleman's chair and perhaps a corner chair or a small settee....or any or all of the above. Linked below are pictures of a complete set.
Worth? 3 chairs? A dealer would probab ly give you about $75 each for them.....and offer them as a set for $500.

Here is a link that might be useful: parlor set

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Thanks, all! I ran across that photo earlier, and I so love the rocker!

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