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aptlondonJuly 5, 2009

Hi. My name is London and I am new to this forum. This question has perhaps been brought up a number of times--but I wanted to explain my situation.

I moved to this apartment complex around 6-7 months ago. For its cost and location it was a no-brainer. The people explained that it was a quiet place to live and family oriented. There are children that run and scream but I don't mind that as they have to play where they live. That is to be expected.

When I moved into my apartment, the neighbors were extremely loud. Their bass and subwoofers were out of control. At first we decided to deal with it because we thought the method of give and take should be utilized although we never blasted our music that loud.

Our upstairs neighbors sound like they are moving in almost everyday. They drag things across a wood floor and drop things that startle me awake if I am sleeping. They think it is appropriate to play music at 6 am. I am expecting and my boyfriend works a night job. I also go to school. Rest is essential to us.

Sometimes I have to take a seroquel, which I am given by my doctor as a PRN just to get to sleep. In the interest of my baby--and since my bi polar disorder is not that bad, I've been trying to do this sans meds. I am a reasonable person, but not brave enough to knock on the door of someone I don't know and request anything. I live in a rough city and so it is best not to do things like that.

I spoke to the cops and they say there is not much they can do about the noise in the day time even if it drives me crazy. Noise ordinances don't kick in until 10 pm. I thought I had a right to minimal disturbances though. My lease doesn't outline this--but when I complained to my landlord they were more than willing to send out letters and talk to people. It works, but they still try my nerve. They will be quiet for maybe 5 days and then BOOOM they feel like they have the right to play their music as loud as I don't know what. It is as if they are rewarding themselves for being on 'good behavior.' I wish we could just reach a compromise of them playing it at a regular volume whenever they'd like. They feel policed by me I suppose. What am I to do, however? I pay to live here and things are hard to come by.

Also, I feel like an outsider here. Everyone is Spanish speaking, some people do not know English and I am not bi-lingual. I overheard one of my neighbors, who is Puerto Rican, saying that I am racist because I am not tolerant of a little noise. This hurts my feelings because I do not discriminate against people, I just believe in the golden rule and believe I try to abide by it.

They give me looks walking into my apartment. There are steps leading up to the entrance and sometimes all of my neighbors will come out and sit on these steps and drink and play cards and literally you have to maneuver to get upstairs. They sit their toddlers there too and sometimes they jump in your way and I've almost fallen all over them which is frightening because I am pregnant and I don't want to fall. I say excuse me but they barely move enough for me to put a foot down. I feel awkward saying get up and out of my way and I am totally too nice to even remark that way. I feel out of place and like I am the only one that has a problem with people being inconsiderate.

It has gotten to the point where I ask myself if I am going crazy? Maybe I should just take a chill pill and not be so uptight. I still, for the life of me, can't understand why people play their music so loud. I mean if I am listening to something I can't just assume other people want to hear it also. I just thought that was common sense.

But back to my original point I am rambling. I want to know what I can do about this. The tenants rights here says you must not disturb your neighbors but how can that be enforced if your landlord and the police officers cannot do anything about it. They say I have to talk to them in person and file a report when they come but I do not feel safe talking to them where my neighbors could see me in fear that they might retaliate. I dont even want them coming to my door because I feel like everyone in this complex knows each other.

Any advice?

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Your best bet is to MOVE! I was in pretty much the same situation & I tried talking to the tenants making all the noise, I called the landlord & police. Nothing was done about any of it, I was losing sleep, was an emotional wreck, stressed out. In order to hang onto my sanity, I got the hell out of there! I know moving is a huge pain, especially if you're pregnant, but put yourself & your baby's well being first ahead of everything else & find a better place to live where you aren't being harassed, tripped, pushed, etc. You deserve a home where you feel safe. Best of luck to ya!

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