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swatson46n2July 18, 2006


me and my roomate just moved into a new building and are having problems with our downstairs neighbour, he will yell at us if we are outside on our balcony after 10 pm, last night he did it again, we were just having a smoke and talking about our day on the balcony and he yells up "I told you already to close your windows, i'm trying to F*****g sleep!!" this was just a norml conversation between 2 people sitting right next to each other, what makes it even worse is that he told us he is the weekend super (not sure if this is true) any advice on how to del with this guy? I'm not going to tip toe around my aprtment to keep this guy happy.

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it's summer; people like to sleep with their windows open. If your balcony is anywhere near his bedroom window, you need to move your conversations indoors after 10pm.

It may seem like a normal conversation to you, but it may be particularly disturbing to him--and it IS after 10pm, and it's an apartment, not a house.

And, is it a NORMAL conversation, or a HUSHED conversation? Normal is out of line, in my opinion, if your balcony is near his bedroom--which is must be. Hushed might be OK, but normal is not.

I know that in my own case, noise AS I'm trying to go to sleep is really hard. AFTER I'm asleep, I may sleep through all sorts of stuff. So a quiet conversation at 11:30, I won't hear. But at 10, it might disturb me a lot.

You might also speak w/ the actual landlord or building manager, to get a clarification from the authoritative source (and to discreetly sound out how much they value him; they may be more likely to side w/ him in a genuine, i.e. no unreasonable, dispute).

I'm sorry to say, I don't think his request is out of line. Before 10, yes. After 10, no. I think you should move your conversation indoors after 10.

At the VERY least, you should keep your voices way down after 10.

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I agree with Taley. But I'll take it a step further and say conversations of ANY sound level should be kept indoors after 10 p.m. I live in a condo and never let my friends go on the lanai after 10 p.m. We have neighbors up, down, and on both sides. You have to respect their quiet.

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