window fans to cool a small apt

plyangJuly 4, 2004

We are thinking of buying window fans for each of our bedrooms but are having trouble finding reviews and other consumer information. Home Depot has an SMC model with twin 9" fans that can be set on intake (both fans pulling air in from the outside), out (both fans taking air from inside and pushing it out), or circulate (one fan pulling air in, one fan pushing it out). Does anyone know about this brand?

We've also seen other models online by Honeywell, Holmes, and Lasko. The twin 9" design seems pretty common, but then single fans of 16" to 20" are also common. Can anyone recommend a brand and model?

Many thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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Try post at Heating and AC forum, I am sure someone will answer your question.

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I have used those before, in dorm rooms, and they were great!

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To get the most efficient circulation with window fans, put a fan on one end of the room or apartment pulling air in and one on the other end pushing out.

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