tape,mud and sand drywall

gergnormadMarch 29, 2009

im in north fla. i need to know what would be a fair price to tape,mud and sand 80 pieces of drywall that is already hung,thanks. just labor also because all the materials are paid for.

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A fair price for professionally hung board would probably be $10 - $12 per sheet. But, if improperly hung on uneven walls, poor joints or too many butts it could be considerably more. Don't accept a price by message or phone unless the tradesman has actually looked at what the job will entail.

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Hello my name is Carlos Diaz I am a TAPER I have two years of experience I used to work for a Company which is been in the market for a long time, Northwest drywall, were I worked for union price and been doing houses about 20 000 square feet, in which I gain knowledge, experience and skill, I also been doing renovations, private jobs, and commercial, I warranty my job, I also had automatic taping tools, my set of knifes, and car, and I can tell that I know how to do the job perfectly and smooth from beginning to end without leaving scratches or bubbles, I sand with sponge all the work so you can check it with light you won't see anything... the price I can give to you, if you are looking for quality job is 45 cents a square feet, depends also in the highs, and the flex tape I charge it different, so yours would be like $1200,wich is 14 dollars per sheet, but we can negotiate it, if you need a nice finished and quick donÂt doubt in calling me I am ready to work any time, my telephone number is 6479903015 reach me there if interested thanks.

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In Grand Rapids Michigan it's about .25 to .45 a square foot to finish drywall. Depending on the particulars of the job and how it was hung. Best advice - get 3 estimates from people with experience, insurance, and references.

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