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newdawn1895March 7, 2010

Linda, since you seem to know so much about antiques. Could you give me an estimate of what they could be worth? I live in the southeast and antiques are not as expensive as they are in the east or west.

Thank you so much Linda or anyone that could give me your opinions.


1) This is a Victorian Armoire circa 1890's.

2) This is an old armoire (appromiately 150 years old)that has been shabby chic---ed.

3) This is a reproduction heart pine cabinet...The cabinet is not old but the wood is.

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Essentially you are asking for an appraisal for quick sale....and remember that this "appraisal" is worth just what you pay for it!! OK?
In my area, central Iowa, at a nice shop in say Des Moines or Cedar Rapids, you would expect to see a price of maybe $2000 on the first piece, even in it's refinished state. That would depend on if the inside has been modified to hold a stereo or whatever...if it still has the original insides....modified, knock off $300 or so.
The painted piece would only expect to see maybe $250...possibly $350....but more likely lots less. The shabby chic look is rather out of style and it will take lots of work or lots of money or perhaps both to turn that into a refinished piece, without white paint in the corners.
The bottom cabinet is lovely. I have never seen a piece made out of old I am guessing. True antiques buyers won't be really interested, but those who want an antique look without the signs of wear you find on real antiques will love it. I would think it would sell best in a specialty shop and then for maybe $400 to $600.
I guess the lesson is don't paint antiques.....and tear up your attic floors and make old style furniture from the boards!
Hope this helps....will be interested to see what those living in other areas have to say.
Linda c

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Thanks Linda, all the pieces are in excellent condition. Antiques are plentful here in Alabama and Georgia.
Both armoires weight a ton.

I'm not sure I am actually going to sell them at that price.


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this is why I cringe every time I walk by the shabby chic booths! Stop the madness!

In ten years the paint strippers are going to have alot of business!

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And it's still a "stripped painted piece" rather restored finish..,..
DONT PAINT GOOD WOOD FURNITURE~ Antique or will never be better than unfinished furniture bought cheap and painted.
Linda C

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