rococogurl-Dualit Toaster Question

plumorchardJanuary 29, 2010

I was hoping you could help me a little on the Dualit Toaster. I just read your post on the toaster oven thread. I've been considering this toaster but like you mentioned - crazy expensive. But if they last...they at least look good sitting out!

Please tell me if the vents are on the sides - meaning - can I push it against the wall with the knobs and dials facing me without obstructing a vent? I tried the 360 online but it went so fast I couldn't tell for sure.

Also, doesn't it tick while it is counting down? Is that something you get use to? And I guess it "dings" when it is ready since it doesn't pop up?

Does it get extremely hot on the outside? (I expect some heat just not burns!)

Anything else? Can't believe I'm posting about a toaster! Ha - thanks!

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I'm not rococogurl, but I might be able to provide some answers for you. I've had a Dualit toastster for perhaps 20 years or so. It gets regular use, and is still going strong....probably good for another 20 years or so.

There are no vents on the back of the toaster. There are slots on both ends, which I suppose are for ventilation, although I'm not sure they're really needed. The toaster doesn't get that hot in use, just slightly warm. Pushing the toaster up against the wall shouldn't pose any problems, except right in the area above the bread slots. If the wall is painted or finished with some other surface that would be susceptible to heat damage, you'll want to pull the toaster out from the wall during use. I also wouldn't operate the toaster on a counter with upper cabinets above. My toaster is always on the countertop, but I pull it out from under the upper cabinet during use.

A couple of things you might not like about this toaster. It doesn't have any sort of toast color selector. It operates by turning a timer knob. The longer the time, the darker the toast. If you use the same variety of bread all the time, you'll know how much time to allow for the degree of browning you prefer. On the other hand, if you use different breads, you'll have to keep an eye on things so that you don't over-toast. My toaster doesn't have a bell, but the timer makes a noticeable "click" sound when it switches off. The timer also makes a tiny buzzing sort of noise while it's running down. You have to press down on a lever to raise the toast.

One other thing that's a bit annoying, it's not the most even toaster I've ever used. The part of the bread slice toward the top of the toaster doesn't get as brown as it does toward the bottom of the slice.

Would I buy this toaster again -- probably not. I've got the thing now, and it works, so I just keep it. Since it's built like a tank, I'm probably stuck with it for the foreseeable future. There are many less expensive toasters that are far more automatic and do a better job of even toasting. They just don't look as appealing on the counter. I'd recommend going for function over form.

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I'm not Roc either and I can probably ditto most of what Wa8B said, except : my toaster is on my countertop and situated underneath my upper cabs. I have never considered pulling it out for usage. After one year, so far so good. No visible damage to my upper cabs (the backsplash is tiled). Also, my Dualit gives 3 little beeps and it's indicator light turns from red to green when the toast is ready. I like this toaster pretty much. Most especially because it's very durable, has nice wide slice slots and looks great in my kitchen. It makes good toast, bagels, pita pockets, etc., but, yes, sometimes I have to flip the bread to get even toasting. What I dislike most about it is it's cost. But, again, as Wa8b says, I also don't foresee needing to replace it any time soon.

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I am rococogurl and, like marthavila I've got it under a cabinet and next to a partition. Before our kitchen reno it was under the same cabinet (no bad effects) and next to a vinyl refrigerator. Didn't get hot enough to do anything at all to that. It's been used daily. But there are vent openings on the 2 short sides of mine and the one long (front) side where the lever and timer are. The back long side has no vents. That's the side up against the fridge. There's space on the other 3.

Mine works like wa8b's, ticking and then a click when it goes off. No beep. But Williams Sonoma got them to do lots of customizations when they started selling them so take a careful look.

I do agree it's not automatic in the way wa8b described. I mentioned that in the other thread. But the most even toast was made by the cheapo Toastmaster I got at Target and what good was it? Didn't last. So yeah, I turn the bread sometimes and sometimes it takes 2 cycles. But meanwhile, I've spent nearly half as much as this cost in 5 years on 2 other toasters and this one is 13 and works just great.

Is it perfect? No. Has it been reliable and performed well. Absolutely. And after the last 5 years of appliance h*ll anything that works well for a long time puts me way ahead I figure. But everyone has different judgments on this.

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What? You have to turn the bread? In a Dualit? It must be that whole wide slot thing. My father's is one of the original kind and every single piece is perfectly toasted. But it only takes sliced bread. And the toast isn't particularly hot, and because it toasts slowly it's kind of hard. But it's perfect. In the old model.

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Remember the really old toasters? Heavy? Stainless? Where you put the bread in and the basket went down automatically, then popped up automatically when it was done? A single button to turn for lighter/darker or push for please pop up right now? And the toast was always perfect?

How come we can't get anything like that? Why doesn't someone make a low tech, retro toaster that just toasts and does a really great job of it?

The Dualit is the closest to that I've seen. It's not automatic, but it does make well toasted toast...

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Thanks all! That is exactly the info I needed. Haven't quite decided yet but at least I know about it now.

plllog - I have my grandmother's old toaster on top of our cabinets now. It is really heavy and chrome with red handles. I think it is the only one she ever had. It is probably from Sears (way back!) since she use to work there. It is great! I agree with you - be nice to have that option today. Some things just seem way overcomplicated!

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We put English muffins and bagels in the Dualit and it does them perfectly well. Toast comes out hot and I can reheat easily as well. Things don't tend to get stuck in this toaster because it lacks the spring mechanism the others seem to have.

If a slice of bread is very wide it has to go end in and then it gets flipped.

Never knew I liked "English toast" LOL. But I guess I do.

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Just learned the "new" model (NewGen) has a little bit of a different knob set up. They have 2 knobs now. One sets the number of slices and has a bagel setting. The other is the timer knob which now also has a defrost setting. I read the users manual. Seems easy enough!

Did a little preliminary shopping and it seems all the online retailers still have the previous model. I'll keep looking. I haven't found where (or if) I could order direct from Dualit.

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Yes, I want to amend my post to say that flipping is necessary only when I have a giant pita or bagel to toast.

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Love my Dualit. Perfect toaster. Mine is about 14 years old.
Stainless..functional and perfect toast. Never a problem.
Bagels and English muffin fit as well. Just problem free
in a world of appliance disappointment!!

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I ordered the "lite" this weekend ($70) in black to use until I can find one of the New Gen versions. I know it won't function/look the same but I figured I could use that in the meantime. I've pretty much decided to track one down!

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Dualit folks - how loud is the ticking while the toaster counts down?

(The lite version didn't tick so can't compare)

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You hear it ticking and then there's a click when it shuts off. No idea of decibels.

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I have the 4 slicer. It has a toggle for 2/4 slice selection. The ticking/buzzing noise is loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to be annoying (IMO). I love some of the accessories available (warming tray and sandwich cage). It took some getting used to, but I love it. It works really well and is interesting to look at - mine's on the counter all the time.

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