styrofoam block wall ?

gardengirl_nancyMarch 6, 2006

Has anyone used the new styrofoam blocks that you pore concrete into for basement walls? We have been looking at these at home shows. My husband is considering these for our new house. Would love to hear some input, thanks!

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We used the Liteform about 10 years ago when we built. It has the styrofoam planks & ties. We've been really happy with how well it has insulated our basement. Just make sure that the ties are inserted properly to avoid any bulges or breaks and also make sure when the concrete is poured there are no air pockets so that everything is sealed. I'm sure they've improved the product & directions since we purchased it. We live in Nebraska where summers are hot & winters are cold, but our basement stays very comfortable year round. I run a dehumidifier during the summer. One thing about the styrofoam is that you won't have any exterior stud walls on which to hang heavy things. Or if you have any plumbing on that wall, they'll need to use studs to build it out to allow room for pipes. It's VERY soundproof.

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What you looked at, at the home show is called a insulated concrete form or ICF for short. look them up on google. I have toured a house that was being constructed entirely out of ICF's. They supply according to the builder a R-20 walls. They are sided and drywalled like a normal home. There is a very large church outside of findlay, ohio that was constructed entirely from ICF's. According to the brother of the general contractor, who also is a member of the church, 4 yrs ago it was costing them approx 150.00/month to heat the place. They had calculations if the church had been constructed using conventional methods it would have cost them around $500.00/month to heat.

If you are just looking at using them for your foundation, have you considered a precast foundation. They are cast in a factory and set in place in one day. you pour the floor and put the first floor deck on and backfill. A basement in one day. You get high R value walls also.

Here is a link that might be useful: superior walls

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We used Arcxx (sp?) for our new house. The house isn't done yet, but I have to say the basement went off without a hitch - and they poured in the middle of winter! The system we used allows you to attach drywall right to the styrofoam if you want.

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carajon - we are about 2 weeks away from using Arxx and I've been searching for reviews on the building a home forum... Did you have any issues with buldging? Any advice or warnings? Thanks!

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