Wood floor in basement an option?

jvanMarch 5, 2007

How hard is it to put in wooden floors in the basement? I understand it can be complicated due to the concrete floor which is usually uneven. Any other suggestions for a good flooring? This will be for a billiard room. The rest of the basement has pile carpet and we thought something different(non-carpet) would be nice in the billiard room.


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Personally, I would not put wood on a basement floor. There a people who do, I know. I believe the potential for a sump pump failure or water heater leak is too great.

How about ceramic tile under the pool table.

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Well.....we have snap lock wood flooring in our bar in our basement. We put down some kind of plastic underneath before the floor went down. Ours has been fine for a year now. Its a floating floor. In a billiard room, tile is a good choice. We personally have berber carpet.

Here is a link that might be useful: basement

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We toured a home with a wood floor in the basement. It was a walkout. It looked lovely. I remember my husband saying if we bought the house he wanted a separate insurance policy on just the floor! If it rained, flooded or otherwise came up, what an expense!

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It's recommended to use only engineered wood or laminate for basements over Dricore or similar products.

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I have considered wood floor in my basement (over dricore). However, I had ruled it out due to high possibility of scratching the wood surfaces due to moving my billiard table /ping pong table around even after setting them up.

Wall to wall carpeting and ceramic tile in the wet area are my preference now.

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Solid wood prefinished floors are not recommended in a basement by any manufacturer I know of. I would research the options by looking at the manufacturers recommendations. Personally, I have ceramic tile with an area rug.
Washers, plumbing issues,etc.. all the water has no place to go.

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I believe I have heard of ceramic/porcelain tile that is made to look like hardwood flooring.

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There are also some darn fine looking vinyl(!) floors that look a lot like wood. They come as peel-and-stick planks instead of tiles. I've seen photos of this type of product in the home of a poster on the home decorating board. I was shocked that it was vinyl. If your floor had small bumps, you'd have to level it, but it would be a great option for any water damage possibilities. I also saw Candice Olson on HGTV's Divine Design use this type of floor in a basement.


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