dealing with noisy neighbors and common wall

stitch62July 6, 2008


I have some neighbors who are pretty loud sometimes. My bedroom wall is their living room wall, and they like to watch loud sporting events and even louder films with lots of explosions, often with their front door open, which echoes. I think their TV set is against my bedroom wall. I was told by my landlord that this was a quiet building and most of the time this is true, but these two really make up for the quiet in the times that they aren't.

I know that they affect the neighbors in the next building from the echo out the door because we've spoken about it with each other.

They are pretty thoughtful about it some of the time and tend to turn stuff down when it becomes late. But sometimes I need to go to bed early and the noise booms through my earplugs. I know we all like to have parties sometimes, but what is so uncool is that they know I can hear them because I have spoken to them about it before, so they know I can hear everything. Yet, they never give me any heads up when they have parties. I was always taught that it was general apartment courtesy to let neighbors know when you would be having a party and I have always tried to let neighbors know when I have friends if we might be loud.

I used to be on good terms with them, but somewhere along the line the guy in the couple decided I wasn't ok with him anymore and he tends to be very brusque with me. One time I made cookies and took some over as a gesture and he acted like I was being a jerk.

I don't want a bad relationship with them but I am out of ideas. And frankly, I am starting to resent their rudeness.

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Your best bet is to speak to the landlord (again). If they're noisy past the time the municipality has said they're allowed to be, you are right to complain, but if it's a matter of your needing extra sleep in the daytime, for instance, unless they're REALLY, REALLY, loud, you won't get much help at all. People like that don't know courtesy when it hits them in the head and things like telling you when they're partying (or appreciating cookie baking) go way over their heads. Accept that they live in a very different 'world' from you and after you've done all you can (officially) to fix things, you may end up giving whatever notice your bldg needs, and moving if things don't improve. You sound like a 'genteel' person from a different (better?) class of apt. dwellers, but in today's world, you're few and far between.

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