Antique Hunting Piece - Need Info!

saintroadMarch 8, 2011

I am seeking to gather some information on a hunting style late 1800s buffet cabinet piece that was owned by great-grandmother. The Knapp (pin & cove) joints probably narrow this piece down pretty easily, as well as the hunting style, but I am looking for insight on type of wood, age, value & any other interesting morsels of knowledge that I can gather.

My mother has to move to get full care due to terminal sickness, and I am trying to help her sell a few pieces of antique furniture. I would love to keep it in the family, but I wanted to find out all of the details before making an offer to be fair to my mom on the price.

Thank you all for your tremendous insight & kindness!



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It's a beautiful Renaissance Revival piece. Probably shortly after 1890 by the Knapp dovetail and the white marble top
One handle looks to be a replacement.
Looks to be several woods...some walnut, perhaps oak and I see some burl....maybe maple?
Price? for quick sale? $3,000 to $4,000.....worth much more in a good economy.
It's certainly lovely....try to keep it in the family.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: buffet

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It's a nice factory-made piece of American Walnut furniture. The contoured and shaped door edges put the date right around 1875-1880. The piece is a combination of solids and veneers. It has had some "work done", however. I see that the drawers have been repaired along the sliding surfaces. The one handle looks so much lighter than the other three. The finish has had something done to it, like a coat of oil or varnish. Some pieces in this style used a lighter finish on the veneers and panels for a 2-tone effect, here I don't see that, owing _perhaps_ to the touchups? The drawer fronts are a burl veneer, but it's impossible to tell what species from the photo. One may assume walnut, but could have been other woods chosen for the effect.
The flattened semi-elliptical bowfront shape is a very American thing, and this piece is in that style which everyone will immediately recognize as American Victorian. It's a great piece of furniture, but probably only worth in the $750 range at retail.

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All of the handles are the same. The discoloration is simply an overexposed flash, not a replacement piece. Sorry for the bad picture. There is no varnish or oil work done to the finish. It is just from the picture.

So, one person says $750 and the other says $3-4K for quick sale. I am confused to say the least!

Please help.

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The piece is really dark, and the flash is overexposing the wood and finish. Here is a picture "au natural" with just ambient room lighting showing the true dark color of the furniture.

Also, what is the proper technical term for this piece? (e.g. buffet, sideboard, cupboard?)

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My $3,000 Estimate was due to the very elaborate "game" carvings....and to what I saw being asked for similar pieces on the web.
For $750 I am running to buy it!

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