Selling large sets of China??

jon1March 20, 2011

I have a 88 piece set of Haviland Gentaine and a 75 piece set of Rosenthal Classic Rose. Both in new condition. What whould be the best way to sell them? I dont want to sell them piece by piece as it would take a LOT of boxes. Any help? Do people buy large sets of China? I know about Replacements.Com, but they pay nothing for the stuff and charge a arm and leg.

Anyone had any luck selling this stuff?

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I don't know the market for china specifically but if it were me and if I were in a hurry, I'd ask some home consignment stores if they would take it. If I weren't in a hurry I might try craigslist first.


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Try your local antique stores. Many do consignment selling, or someone renting a space may offer to buy them from you. ;o)

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People will buy large sets, but they won't pay very much for them unless they are rare. Take a look at and see what they are listing the sets for. You will be lucky to get 30% - 50% of that price on eBay, a large spread because so much depends on the appeal of the pattern. If I were selling a set on eBay, I think I would list with a price that is 50% of Replacements' price and then add an "Or Best Offer" option.

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The biggis problem with selling on E-bay is the shipping cost. It cost a lot to ship a 88piece of Haviland China.

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Why would anyone buy a set from when you can buy it much cheaper through Ebay.

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I sold quite a large set of Royal Albert Senorita China on ebay a long time ago. I talked Purolator Courier into shipping it for me - it was much cheaper and guaranteed to arrive in one piece.
Regarding your China, from what I can see, the Gentaine is very pricey stuff, and may well sell for a great price either on ebay or at a consignment antique store. The Rosenthal is much less valuable, I personally would just sell it off on ebay or at a garage sale or similar.
Suzan J

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It might be pricy but i dont think there is much demand for it. No one seems to want big sets of china. I listed the Haviland for $200 and got no bids on ebay. this was for 88pieces.

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Jon1, email me and tell me where you live.....If I could pick it up, I might be interested.
Linda C

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I live in Se Michigan.

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How far from the northern suburbs of Chicago?

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a ways, Im north of Detroit.

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Then....I guess I don't need another set of china!

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John feel free to email me your listings. I do buy large sets of china :) especially good ones. (I'm not a dealer, just an interested consumer if you still have the stuff).

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You'd be hard pressed to send Igloochic an email with out a link.

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I'm in SE Indiana and I drive through Jon's area fairly regularly (I still have family there), I'd be happy to be a schlepper for someone if it'd help.

Jon you might try emailing the host of that new show Cash & Cari, she is HQ'd in Detroit & specializes in estate items. I think her store's name is RePurpose but I might be wrong.

Jon you got anything for me? I don't need any more china, lol.

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kterlep.....what route do you take?...I am wondering wehre you could schlep to....that I could easily get to and from there do my own schlepping.
My mother had that china....and I wasn't "lucky"...but what I traded for was part of my mother's Mason's pink vista.
But wouldn't it be fun to give it to my grand daughter? not as her "good china" but as something to use.

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I have a 88 piece set of Haviland Gentine(sp)
75 pieces of Classic Rose by Rosethal
10pieces of M.L. Hadly
A Large set of china with pink hydrangea on it from Marshall Fields

Red Christmas mugs and plates.
all like new condition

Btw, I have contacted Repurpose. I e-mailed about 12 photos of stuff for them. I have yet to hear from them. I called and they told me it would take several weeks as they are very busy.

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I thought this wasn't a sell/buy site; however, I have two large china sets to sell as well as three china tea sets to sell! Anybody meandering on over to Southwestern Idaho anytime soon?

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looking for valuation of complete set of my Grandmother's Royal Doulton Sierra Rose China (Japan 3308)

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So much for not being a buy/sell site!! I want to weigh in with the rest of the china **ores. Noritake Polonaise, Mikasa Spring Crest, and Mikasa Charisma black are patterns I may be interested in. Yeah, I know it's on ebay....

And why not a buy/sell forum? We are all buying stuff, some of it to sell and make a living, some just collecting, but what fun!


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I have a set of Lenox Westwind china in excellent condition. It's 8 place settings plus 2 vegetable bowls and one platter. I hesitate to sell it on Ebay because people only want to buy a piece to fill out a set. Then I'd end up with 5 cups, 6 dinner plates, 3 luncheon plates, etc.

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I'm having the same concern. I now own 3 rather large sets of dishes and it seems that they're all collectible, though I'm not familiar with actual value vs what is listed on ebay and other sites. I posted a picture of one, not sure if it's showing up. It's made by a company out of California that is no longer in production and called Poppytrail- Sculptured Grape. I also have a set called Golden Blossom from the same company but I rather like it and I'm probably going to keep it for special occasions...very pretty little yellow blossoms on it. There's also an enormous set of currier and ives- "Blue" that I have no idea what to do with. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who is interested. I hate to break up the set but can't imagine what it would cost to ship it all. Has a very pretty pie plate and stacks of bowls and plates. The salt and pepper shaker from this set is so cute. I'm stuck between pack it in a box or leave it on the kitchen counter in case someone needs a picture of something....and really want to move past all these dishes and on to planting. Anyone??4358509479 texts are welcome

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