How to soundproof a floor when ripping up carpet?

danilynn72June 25, 2007

Hi there,

Quick question-my upstairs neighbor is doing her carpet over. We've discussed the noise (footsetps) and now creaking (loose boards) before. She will have her carpet people look at the loose boards but say she couldn't put down additional padding to the one coming with the new carpet because it would "void her warranty"? Just wondering if anyone has heard of this?

Also, can I suggest using something else for soundproofing if more padding is not allowed? Maybe mass loaded vinyl? Would something else like this still "void the warranty"? I'm also worried that the dinky padding that comes with new carpet won't be enough soundproofing for my stompers. Any input from soundproofers or inspectors would be greatly appreciated.

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When buying carpet and padding with padding there is good better and best???????? Sorry I never heard that before especially since carpet people they are installing it and she isn't doing it herself so the warranty should be covered?
Perhaps call and ask a carpet company about padding.

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Yes I have heard of this. Thicker padding will void the warranty as the carpet will wear faster and require stretching over time. What you want to look at is the density of the padding not the thickness. It is never recommended to go over a half inch for padding in any application. Different carpets require different padding to 'work' together. The manufacturer will give you the lowdown.

Check this out here:

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