Finished basement windows

patsfanFebruary 13, 2008

I have finished my basement using the framing/insulation recommendations of Building Sciences (foam on walls, framing, unfaced insulation).

I am trying to figure out how to best finish the exposed concrete surrounding the window. The window sits back from the edge of the concrete, of course, creating a "sill" on the bottom and exposed concrete to the left, right, and top of the window.

It doesn't seem like I should just trim out the concrete with wood. It seems like I should do something to the concrete, like paint it with DryLoc(sp?) or add a vapor barrier or a thin layer of foam or something.

What do people usually do to trim out the concrete on basement windows?

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If the windows are small, I would trim out with wood up to the concrete edge where the window cut-out meets the vertical interior concrete surface, which will maximize the light through the small windows.

If you have large windows, use some foam board under the trim.

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I installed glass blocks in my windows, so I had only the width on the joints around the glass to work with. I just plastered over the concrete block and painted it the same as the surrounding sheetrock.

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I've been finishing off basement windows with wooden jambs and casings for 20 plus years with no problems. If you can, you might fill in the space bewtween the jambs and concrete with low or no expansion foam to ensure a tight air block.

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