Upstairs neighbor tromps heavily on floorboards

gesjennJune 21, 2012

I have been living under this woman since late 2007. She lives upstairs and the floorboards are bad, but until last summer, it was just more or less tolerable,and she didnt seem to hit the worst ones over my bed.

I've always had the impression that she had mental problems and have not talked to her after I found out that she was gossiping about me for no reason at all. I used to talk to her, and thought we were on friendly terms when I caught her gossiping about me with another neighbor who the upstairs told me SHE DIDNT LIKE. The other neighbor confirmed that she was "saying nasty things about me." The upstairs neigghbor had also trashed another neighbor whom I thought she was friends with!

Ever since another neighbor called the police on this upstairs neighbor because her mother said she saw this woman actually GO into the other neighbor's apartment when the other woman went for a walk but left the door open. I'm not fully sure if this was true or not, but I got dragged into the mess, and the upstairs crazy woman is angry at me because I repeated some things she said about having police scanner(She said she could listen in on to older cordless phones.)She also claimed to have a GUN.

This upstairs neighbor came out of a new neighbor's (she was trying to get her on her side!) apartment, saw me, made some sarcastic noises, glared at me and stalked away.

The next morning at 6;30 am, there was a LOUD rapping floorboard which groaned over and over for 10 minutes! I was awakened out of a sound sleep. Then sudden, startling LOUD raps. I was jumping out of my skin! now I am often subjected to heavy feet and loud cracks on the floorboards, much more than usual.

Other incidents include following me around overhead when I was talking on the cellphone, going to any window I open, and standing overhead. She does this frequently because she tries to listen to me. I hear feet then they stop overhead when my phone rings. I have no privacy!

I know I'm being stalked. I tried to complainin to the new landlord but he is a young, arrogant jerk. He sent me to the police but they said to go back to the landlord.

Is there anything legal I can do?

I'm on a waiting list to go somewhere else , but it could be a few months or more. Help!

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I should also mention that this woman does not work and usually says in the apartment all day.
This stuff goes beyond "ordinary, everday noises." Since last summer, she TREADs heavily before before she gets into bed. I can never sleep before 11 pm. I have to sleep when she ALLOWS it!

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